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The mission of the High Tech Crime Network is to achieve the most valuable and recognized certification by regulating its membership through a comprehensive process that verifies an applicant's training, experience and ethical reputation, enforcing the highest standards of stringent certification requirements and diligent enforcement of our policies, procedures and code of ethics.


You read about us in the New York Times, USA Today News, PC Today Magazine, California Computer News, Online Access and about a dozen other newspapers and magazines across the world. You heard us on New York radio stations, National Public Radio in over two dozen cities, Voice of America in over ten countries. Our staff and membership have been interviewed by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Nightline and Inside Edition. We have been technical advisors to news organizations and law enforcement agencies across the world. We provided expert testimony before a US Congressional Sub-Committee investigating high-tech related crimes, assisted the US Senate in understanding the use of encryption by criminals, provided expert testimony before the New Jersey and New York Court Systems and provided technical crimes training to federal, state, county and municipal law enforcement officers. We are the only single source of high powered talent and information on high tech crimes in the WORLD. We are the High-Tech Crime Network.

This network consists of law enforcement agencies and corporate security professionals from 15 (fifteen) countries. Our membership includes prestigious agencies such as Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service, US Customs, Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms, US Marshals, Department of Defense, National Security Agency, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of the Army and many other law enforcement agencies from Belgium, Canada, England, Germany, Switzerland and the United States, as well as major telecommunication corporations from across the nation.

The High Tech Crime Network is now in its 17th. year, providing the latest information and training on a variety of high tech crime related topics to public and private sector professionals. HTCN certification is available to qualified individuals currently working in the criminal justice, legal, academic and corporate communities. In order to better serve the needs of these professionals, the High Tech Crime Network currently awards certification in the disciplines of Certified Computer Crime Investigator and Certified Computer Forensic Technician. These industry-recognized certifications ensure the highest level of training, experience and ethical reputation are maintained and regulate the highest standards of stringent certification requirements and diligent enforcement of our policies, procedures and code of ethics.

Certifications are issued as a result of acquiring the required experience and course hours designated for each certification. Course hours will be credited for those individuals who have completed similar courses offered by those schools or institutions which are approved by the High-Tech Crime Network. The purpose of the certifications is to provide a higher degree of professionalism and continued training and support within the high tech crime industry.

For more information please contact the High-Tech Crime Network via e-mail Note: The High-Tech Crime Network is a computerized network of law enforcement agencies and information security professionals from 15 (fifteen) countries. It is a non-profit organization operated by former law enforcement officers for law enforcement officers and limited members of the private sector. The High-Tech Crime Network is not affiliated with or operated by any law enforcement agency.

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