Membership Information

Becoming an HTCN member couldn't be easier... just click one of the links below to apply for membership or renew your existing membership.

The High Tech Crime Network is the only organization in the world to have as its core principal "to unite the law enforcement and private sector in the fight against high tech crime".

Founded in 1991, the HTCN has grown to 29 countries and allows law enforcement and private sector professionals equal access to information, training and certifications. All of our other competitors either don't allow private sector individuals access to all of their resources, don' require continuing education hours, have no enforcement of any kind and in many cases private sector professionals are denied access to their resources altogether.

Don't be fooled into getting a certification based on taking a course and passing a test. Today more unqualified people hold certifications than any other time in history. The HTCN is the Gold Standard in professional technical certifications in the high tech crime industry. We were the first certification body in the world and have the most stringent requirements that brings real value to our members.

Membership Elegibility

1. All law enforcement officers
2. All attorneys (Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys)
3. Private sector professionals engaged in digital forensics (Plaintiff and Defense)
4. Private sector professionals engaged in digital investigations (Plaintiff and Defense)
5. College students who are part of a digital forensics degree program
6. College students who are part of a computer science related degree program

  • Persons who have been convicted of a crime are not eligible for membership.